Protect your bitcoins, run a node! Not just any node, a good looking one.

The Bitcoin Machines

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$120 NZD

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The Bitcoin Machines Parts     

What you get...

* Aluminium TBM Enclosure
- Orange, Red or Black
* M09 SATA Expansion Board
* HeatSink
* 1.8" Display
* USB Jumper
* Fasteners
* Connectors and Cable harness

What you need...

* Raspberry Pi. recommend model 4B+ 4GB
* SSD / HDD. recommend 1TB SSD
* Power Supply. recommend 5.1 V , 3A USB C
* Node Software. recommend
- myNode
- Umbrel
- RaspiBlitz
The Bitcoin Machines Inside     

Have a look over the setup guide from The Bitcoin Machines parent site here....
TBM Setup Guide